100th Blog Post! The future of Mindful Young Man

Over the course of ethannelson.wordpress.com which turned to this website I have now written a total of 100 blog posts. Some, I have to admit, are better than others. Now I am venturing into some new ground with the mindful young man. I hope you’ll join me on my journey. I’m hoping that with every post your life will get just a little better.

The future of Mindful Young Man


Right now I’m putting together an e-book with the best blog posts that I’ve written so far. I’ve carefully picked out blog posts in an order that will teach the basics of mindfulness and meditation. I see this as a starter guide to mindfulness for everyone that’s new to my website.

New Topics

I’m going to start writing on some topics other than just living in the moment. I hope that most of you are familiar with the what mindfulness and the basics of it, for those that aren’t that is what the e-book explains.

I’m looking into a topic called self actualization. Self actualization is the entirety of many topics. Mindfulness is a small piece of the pie in self actualization. There’s so much to learn and I hope I can share some of my knowledge with you in the future. At the current moment I’m learning about epistemology which is, in short, the study of knowledge and justified belief. What is true justification and evidence and when should we be skeptical. What are our limits in knowledge and justification. I find that this topic is like an infrastructure to learning and understanding the world around us.

Social Media


I’m growing my twitter, instagram and facebook pages to share quotes about mindfulness along with photos. I currently have a collective audience of over 1,200 followers.

Overall, I hope that you’ll stick with me in learning about a world of new opportunities that could change your life in amazing ways. I ask you to please comment on what you’re looking forward to most and anything that you would like me to blog about. Please spread the word, by doing so you can extend the reach of the amazing message on this site. Thanks to all my readers.


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