My name is Ethan Nelson.  I am just a teenager living in the United States trying to be more mindful about the way I go about my day.  Mindfulness has added massive amounts of value to my life and I hope I can share some of that value with you.

A few things that I really enjoy doing are golfing, growing my business, learning about new things, and living in the present moment.

I am not your average teenager. I find video games a waste of time. I love being productive and getting stuff done. I find ways to enjoy life and not get angry, depressed, or sad whenever possible.

I am a happy person because I feel like I am heading down the right path in life, and I hope I can talk about my experiences and teach you a thing or two about mindfulness and living life to it’s full potential.

“You have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do. Act Accordingly.”   -Colin Wright