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Your score could be completely altered by your mind. The mental game in golf is just at important as the physical game, and it keeps your from going on a downhill spiral in your round or even your entire season in general.

Mastering the mental game will take off many strokes in your Golf game. When you can keep your composure and not hit “anger” shots on the Golf course, you will end up being much happier with the outcome of your round.

The mental game is important because many of us get mad at a bad shot, then expect to do bad on our next shots. Therefore, we expect too much of ourselves, and we frankly don’t realize that no one is a perfect Golfer in this world. Yes, some people hit more good shots than others, but we all make mistakes. No one has ever had a flawless round and shot -18 par. If golf was easy, than everyone would be playing on the PGA Tour.

In many other posts on my mindfulness blog I talk about meditation. Meditation can solve so many of life’s problems. It can create Happiness, relieve Stress, create emotional control and much more. Did you notice that last point I said. Emotional Control, also known as Equanimity. With Meditation you can learn how to control your emotions, which will probably save more strokes on your game than trying everything you possibly can to counteract your slice.

Now I know what your probably thinking, meditation is only something for Buddhists. They sit under trees or in caves and hmmmmmm while they meditate. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Meditation is growing in our western culture, and you can join in on the movement also. You can become part of the society that is on a path towards Happiness, emotional control, relieved stress, depression and more.

What does this have to do with Golf?
This has everything to do with Golf. You could completely alter your average score by simply, meditating. If you don’t want to meditate, then simply learn about Equanimity. When you’re playing your next round of Golf, simply observe your mind and the thoughts that you have. What does your mind want to do, it wants to get mad, think about all the bad shots that you’ve hit during this round.

Golf: The mental game is more important than you think.

Most people don’t realize how important the mental game is in golf. I believe it might be the most important part of the game. The brain controls all your muscles, so if your brain is telling you muscles to do something that is wrong than you will probably end up with bad results. Whereas if you are completely focused on the target, you will hit a much better shot.

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