Difficulties of finding the Truth about Nutrition

Recently I’ve been researching and teaching myself quite a bit about nutrition. About what foods to incorporate into my diet. I’m starting to understand the reasons behind eating certain foods over others. Yet I’m still stunned by the plethora of opposing information on almost every single food choice.

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The Meaning of Life is Mindfulness Video: Sam Harris

What is the true meaning of life? What will we regret on our deathbed? Religious or non-religious the meaning of life is the same. To live life to its fullest. To live completely in the present moment instead of living our entire lives lost in thought.

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A Note to my Father

Father’s day is a time to step back out of our daily lives. Lives filled with emotions, hard times, hatred, anger, stress, happiness, anxiety, tiredness, pain, suffering, unhappiness, etc. We get so caught up in our lives that sometimes we don’t appreciate what’s right in front of us.

We sometimes forget to be thankful for the people around us, the situation that we’ve been given and for the kind acts that others do for us. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we start acting selfishly. I know I’ve done this plenty of times, we all probably have some time or another. With the ins and the outs that life has to offer.

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Who am I? A fascinating video about self actualization


Arguably the most profound thought/truth revealed by deep self inquiry is the fact that there is no separate self. There is no such thing as “I”. We are not our body, our thoughts, our mind, or our memories. Through self actualization and ultimately enlightenment we can discover our true nature.

Here is a taste into what you will discover on your journey of self actualization. Enjoy!

The new Psychology of Success

Success is something we all strive for. It’s something all of us have in common. Our society praises successful people, we look up to people that have succeeded in one area of life or another. According to Carol Dweck, traits aren’t fixed, you can improve if you have the right mindset. The right mindsets can boost or decrease the amount of success you attain.

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Mindfulness for the Creative Individual

Einstein once stated “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Mindfulness cultivates a different perspective and a new way of thinking. Research is showing that mindfulness increases focus, problem solving, and logical thinking by allowing ourselves to focus on creative work with a clear, non-distracted mind.

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100th Blog Post! The future of Mindful Young Man

Over the course of ethannelson.wordpress.com which turned to this website I have now written a total of 100 blog posts. Some, I have to admit, are better than others. Now I am venturing into some new ground with the mindful young man. I hope you’ll join me on my journey. I’m hoping that with every post your life will get just a little better.

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Switching out of Autopilot and into Mindfulness mode

Scientific research is now showing that changing your routine and getting out of autopilot mode will increase the amount of happiness in your life. So how should we go about doing this? What habits should we change? Let’s realize that the mind can only do one thing at a time. If you’re trying to multitask you’re doing it at the expense of efficiency or because one of the tasks is subconscious.

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A day of Mindfulness

Mindfulness seems to be a hard task for beginners. Our minds are continuously jumping around from thought to thought, from the past to the future. It seems unnatural and uncomfortable in modern society to live in the moment. It isn’t mainstream(yet!). It’s always more comfortable for us to follow the crowd then to stand out and go against the grain. That’s why one man, Thich Nhat Hanh, created an idea called “A day of Mindfulness”.

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