A Note to my Father

Father’s day is a time to step back out of our daily lives. Lives filled with emotions, hard times, hatred, anger, stress, happiness, anxiety, tiredness, pain, suffering, unhappiness, etc. We get so caught up in our lives that sometimes we don’t appreciate what’s right in front of us.

We sometimes forget to be thankful for the people around us, the situation that we’ve been given and for the kind acts that others do for us. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we start acting selfishly. I know I’ve done this plenty of times, we all probably have some time or another. With the ins and the outs that life has to offer.

Today’s a time to remind ourselves of the bigger picture, the need to appreciate our small amount of time that we’ve been given on this earth.

Our parents sacrifice so much for us, they give us their time, money, love, care and the uncountable amount of other things that I don’t have the time to list here.

Specifically my dad. My dad has spent his last 16 years raising his children, working to pay for them, and caring for them with every last minute of his day. After a full tiring day of work he comes home just to leave for baseball practice the next hour. It seems never ending, it stresses him out at times, but I realize that and know that he’s giving it his all.

Thank you dad for all the things you have done for me throughout your life.

  • Thank you for the time spent out on the golf course
  • Thank you for giving me a sense of direction in life
  • Thank you for the support in all areas of life
  • Thank you for giving it your all
  • Thank you for the intelligent conversations that we have
  • Thank you for understanding me during hard times
  • Thank you for raising me to be curious and never blindly follow anything without enough information
  • Thank you for the experiences
    • Neil Degrasse Tyson Speech
    • 117th US Open
    • 2017 Junior Match Play
    • Vacations every year
  • Thank you for being so selfless over the years
  • Thank you for the car that you handed down to me(even though we don’t like to put too much value on material possessions)
  • Thank you for being you

Recently during golfing at Deer Valley I succumbed to the fixed mindset on the golf course. I got mad at the course because I wasn’t playing up to “par”. I lost sight of the big picture, a need to appreciate the game of golf or even life in general. You helped me find my compass. You pointed me in the right direction.

Even though both your son’s golf skills are approaching your own, and fast, I’ve always admired the way you handle yourself out on the course, and also in life.

You’ve said before that you talk the talk and admire the way that I walk the walk, but I think it’s the other way around. I’ve blogged about creating equanimity or emotional control, but you’ve been the one to follow through on it. You can control you emotions tremendously and always seem to realize the big picture. You always appreciate the moment. You’ve taught yourself how to live in complete mindfulness even if you didn’t call it that for most of your life.

You may not have the time to read all the books or learn about all this stuff on your own, but the way you live your life is truly amazing. Even if your schedule is jam packed you still find ways to enjoy life in any way possible.

From the deepest words in my heart, with sincerity and appreciation, Thank you for all you’ve done and I hope you have a happy (a little late) father’s day. Actually, I hope you have a happy everyday.


You oldest Son

P.S: Sometimes our emotions control our words more than our mind. Golf is a game that I’ll never give up at. I will still be going strong through the upcoming years, this last weekend has taught me a lot about not taking anything too seriously and persevering through the tough times and you helped me realize that at dinner that night.


    Thanks little man., You learn more from your failures than your wins.. Golf is the greatest game to learn from because you fail more than succeed . Bobby jones said 'Nobody wins the US Open, everyone else loses it.' Keep failing in order to succeed ... thanks

    Scott Nelson | 1 week ago Reply

    A beautiful testimony to how your Dad has raised you Ethan. Keep on with the positive thoughts.

    Barb Nelson | 1 week ago Reply

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