Who am I? A fascinating video about self actualization


Arguably the most profound thought/truth revealed by deep self inquiry is the fact that there is no separate self. There is no such thing as “I”. We are not our body, our thoughts, our mind, or our memories. Through self actualization and ultimately enlightenment we can discover our true nature.

Here is a taste into what you will discover on your journey of self actualization. Enjoy!


Self Actualization(noun)

  1. the achievement of one’s full potential through creativity,independence, spontaneity, and a grasp of the real world.
  2. :the process of fully developing and using one’s abilities
  3. the pursuit of humanity, creativity, knowledge, fairness, rationality, love, virtue, truth, beauty, joy, gratitude and fulfillment.

Mindful(ness): (adjective)

  1. attentive, aware, or careful
  2. inclined to be aware

A vision creates motivation throughout your journey. A self actualized life is one in which your work is your passion, you’re creatively driven, you’re a leader, you’re fearless, you’ve mastered your emotions, you’re content and fulfilled with your life and much more.

Happiness comes and goes, it can be created but it’s really hard to be constantly happy unless you’ve trained for many years. On the other hand, fulfillment comes early. Fulfillment an emotion/feeling that you’ll feel during your self actualization journey. Fulfillment is a general sense that you have your life handled, or that you will have it handled in the near future.

This journey of mindfulness will teach your to accept reality as it is, in the present moment. It makes you think wiser than you ever have, you realize that nothing will bring you more fulfillment than living in the moment and becoming self actualized.

A few end goals of a self actualized life

  • A life in which you never have to worry about money.
  • Your work is play, it’s your passion and you’re doing a service to the world.
  • Your work is bringing you complete satisfaction, fulfillment and joy.
  • Develop complete emotional control, conquer anger, fear, anxiety and much more.
  • Have a deep understanding of how the world works, you will understand many things about this life.
  • Develop a core confidence in which you’re decisive and accept yourself. A self love, even with all your imperfections.
  • Create physical vitality/energy, you won’t feel drained after your day from work. You’re constantly energetic and vitality is constantly coursing through you.
  • Develop rich and rewarding friendships.
  • Become a leader, a role model that inspires others to be great.
  • Develop creativity and advance humanity in a meaningful way. Create some amazing things to share with the world.
  • Break free of the rat race. The 9-5 job and the toxic pop culture, TV, and internet.
  • Live a life of integrity. Be completely happy when you die. Knowing that you’ve lived an extraordinary life and left the world better off then when you came into it.
  • Enlightenment, understanding the true existential nature of yourself, other people and reality.
  • Create time to savor the beauties of life, ridding yourself of constant anxiety, fear, busyness.
  • The Ultimate Goal: You will die with a smile on your face, not fearing death with regrets that normal people have. Feel that you went all out and soaked in as much of life as you possibly could. You accomplished everything that there was to accomplish on this earth. You savored every single moment and everything that you possibly could.

Steps to take

  1. Gain Knowledge: Inform yourself about a self actualized life. Make a commitment to becoming a high quality learner. Take notes, keep a journal. Invest 10% of your income on learning.
  2. Start making small changes in your life: Eliminate toxic habits in place of good ones. Make a great morning routine. Eliminate negative thinking, unhealthy eating, social media, TV because those small things will add up.
  3. Focus your intention on mastering your emotions: Rid yourself of limiting beliefs, negativity, fearfulness, and blaming other people for your mistakes.
  4. Find your life purpose: Find out who you are as human being.
  5. Become financially independent: When you free yourself from you job you become your own boss. When you aren’t desperate and relying on money, you become confident, free, fulfilled, and started on your journey to a self actualized life.